Download The ANP’s initial manifesto in PDF form: The-ANP-Manifesto

We recognise that the human species will go extinct at some point, that is a fact. It is just a matter of how much suffering we will endure and how much suffering and damage we will cause before it happens.

By simply refraining from procreating, we reduce suffering while exiting this planet gracefully and peacefully… leaving no deprivation or needs behind. Let’s be the last generations and go out with a liberal and happy party!

Our Main Policy Areas

REDUCE Incentives to Have Children

Government should not, in principle, offer any incentives for people to bring children into the world. Having not experienced the process of dying and old age, it is selfish, reckless and inconsiderate to procreate at a young inexperienced age. This is putting a new consciousness through a painful situation you haven’t yourself fully experienced, an unethical act that we would condemn in any other situation.

Child Tax Credits

This means that child tax credits for working families will need to be eventually abolished. The ANP, however, does not want to put vulnerable families into hardship – suffering is our primary enemy, after all. A phasing-out of child tax credits over five years – along with an educational campaign – will provide a disincentive for those considering forcing a new being into existence.

Wealthy Family Tax

This may mean that only the wealthy will be able to afford to have children. As part of our fiscal plan, families earning over £60,000 per year will pay an annual percentage of their income for each new child they create for eighteen years of their child’s life, again with years of warning so that all of the changes should be clear to everyone.

So, a gradual phasing out of child tax credits plus financial penalties for richer families having children… a fair way to reduce procreation and thereby reduce suffering.

Funding an Ageing Population

The UK already faces a challenge due to its ageing population and the ANP stands to make that issue more pressing as a deliberate policy position. What madness is this? The ANP’s ambition, however, is not just to match our needs but exceed them and create the best old-age and end-of-life care systems in the world.

Resources for this would come from the drastic reduction in maternity ward and child tax credit spending, as well as the Wealthy Family Tax. Health-spending on infants will also naturally fall, allowing for funds to be transferred to the latter portion of life.

Assisted-Dying and Euthanasia

With strong regulations to prevent malpractice or abuse of the system, The Antinatalist Party would seek to legalize doctor-assisted dying for those with terminal illnesses, degenerative disorders, long-term mental disorders and other illnesses identified by independent medical experts as being suitable for euthanasia.

Life was not something we chose, so we should have an exit available. With waiting-periods and advice from psychiatric consultants, we would seek to allow life in Britain to become less fiercely compulsory.


The ANP is pro-abortion as it does not cause suffering to any innocent sentient beings. Life termination does not necessarily involve any innocent suffering. Abortion would be promoted as a last-resort, while contraception should be promoted and made cheaper with fiscal instruments if needed. We would aim to raise the abortion limit but there will, of course, be no forced-abortions or limited-child policies.

Meat Tax & Animal Welfare

Humans need to eat less meat both for their own health but more importantly because we have created a system of brutal slavery for the animals we consume. A pig is no less intelligent, caring or able to suffer than a dog. We don’t believe dogs should be in tiny cages and used as a commodity, neither do we in the ANP believe pigs, cows or chickens should suffer the same. A 40% tax will be levied on all meat and dairy products as a disincentive towards continuing this industry.

All “intensive farms” will be inspected at random regularly and any suffering or cruelty detected will result in criminal penalties for the owners and/or employees. A special task force will be set-up for this mission. Farmers must understand that if they want to continue to enslave animals for human consumption, they must treat those animals as well as they would pets.

Drugs & The Drug War

The ANP seeks to legalise the possession and regulate the sale of all recreational drugs to those over the age of 21, while also funding addiction treatment centres and educational campaigns informing people about each substance. We would aim to release non-violent drug offenders from custody on a case-by-case basis.

The drug war has been a complete failure and the Antinatalist Party believes that science should inform public policy rather than being ignored as has happened for decades. Scientists would be free to research the true health and societal effects of substances with greater freedom and publish their findings for the public.


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9 thoughts on “Manifesto

    1. Hi Alex,

      A future leader of the ANP may wish to alter this but the founder sees suffering as suffering, whether it happens to a cat, cow or human. It is not Antinatalist to support the deliberate breeding of any species. Especially so when it is done in a concentration camp for which the only purpose is to serve as a means for unnecessary human pleasure. That said, both vegans and non-vegans will be welcome in The ANP.

      Nadeem Ali
      Party Founder

    2. one answer Alex, is to think about ‘harm’. Vegans are people who have made an ethical commitment to live doing the least possible harm – to animals, people, the environment, everything. People see veganism as a diet but not eating animal products is part of a bigger system. Many vegans live consciously minimalist for example, recycling yes, but also going up the line to root causes and buying as little as possible, using public transport not cars; many are atheist as they see the harm religious belief does in the world, all abhor suffering in animals but many dont live with companion animals as this is a form of animal use. To reference this to antinatalism, the majority of vegans do indeed consciously stay child free as no amount of recycling / not consuming animals etc would offset the carbon footprint of a new human living for up to 100 years – and finally, the world is in a very unstable and unsustainable state which is set to rapidly escalate with growing populations, so to bring a new child into being is condemning them to a life of shortages, disease at worst, unhappiness, competition and worry at best. Hope that helps !

    3. I think AN and veganism are separate yet similar. Both are usually based on the same considerations. It’s just the care for living things is expressed in different ways here: vegans don’t consume animals, and ANs don’t produce children.

  1. I am amazed. The party was registered without a fuss.One would like to think a fuss would have had a ‘Streisand effect;, but this subject seems to need all the megaphoning it can get. Civilised, intelligent and tolerant people with enough free time to think about things…will be the death of us, even as they are the best of us. You know, they say humans were ‘anatomically modern’ 40,00 years ago. An evolutionary eyeblink; perhaps AN is a time-release capsule. We are being made redundant by robots; we have nukes, nanobots, pathogens and god knows what else. We got Iphones instead of flying cars…In short, life is now good enough for us to realise how bad it has always been-as erich fromm says, in a city under seige, a lump of horseflesh in your pocket is the difference between poverty and wealth. Once we step back, however..,,and this is being done in the centers of wealth and culture worldwide! Do you think it is more important to use this platform to ‘soapbox’ antinatalism to constituents, or do you wanna mentor similar efforts from other politically inclined (shame about your struggles, do the job, you poor devil!) people, perhaps further afield in the EU? I guess it’s a very Russelian edifice, built on the bedrock of unyielding despair-do you think continental philosophy is up to speed, or is there some neo-romanticist sisyphus/ubermenchausen intransigence? Here in Kenya I wouldn’t know where to start, although we are trend-savvy and heading well south of 5 (3 in the cities), compared to Sahelian wastelands where the women are fertile and the lands/sands barren! Life on the spherical, is womb-to-tomb hysterical. Living pretty good, better thru chemicals!

    1. Great post. My own stance is to use the digital revolution and its effects on national borders to push for the ‘soapbox’ option. The next leader may have an alternative approach, I don’t know. For now, I appreciate all support for The ANP – and just Antinatalism in general – because it means there’s a better chance of that reduction in how much suffering was ultimately suffered before humanity’s demise.

      Nadeem Ali

  2. You are truly awful people who know the cost of everything and the value of nothing. Long live mammals on planet earth even at its expense

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