About The ANP

The Antinatalist Party is a democratic political party registered in Great Britain seeking to reduce procreation. The ANP was founded on the 21st of January 2016 by Nadeem Ali.

Our Existential Aims

We plan to amplify the arguments of antinatalism by appearing on the electoral register, standing in elections and getting the word out both offline and online. It is not expected that The ANP will achieve political success since we are going against the grain not only of popular opinion but also of evolution itself. However, we believe that if we can prevent even one instance of procreation then we have helped to produce a better reality. Our long-term aims are to first build our party infrastructure and initial membership numbers and contest our first election by the end of 2017, with our first victory (if ever) by 2050. It’s the propagation of the message, meanwhile, that matters most to the party.


Update 21/01/2016: The Antinatalist Party is now registered as a political party for Great Britain as of 21st January 2016! Thank you to The Electoral Commission for their assistance. More details about the party will follow from this great news. Thank you also to supporters for their valuable input along the way. The journey is just beginning.


Update 05/01/2016: The Antinatalist Party is currently having its application processed by The Electoral Commission and this should be completed by the end of January.

To find out more about Antinatalism, have a look at our page What is Antinatalism?

To read about our party’s goals, you can visit our Manifesto Page

The ANP is in its nascent stage and is not currently contesting any elections but stay tuned for updates. Make sure to bookmark our site antinatalism.co.uk to keep informed!