Mental Illusions

Eastern Traditions Lead You Astray

commented on an inmendham vid:

Some of the Hindu and Buddhist texts do point to one important fact – that on deep reflection, it’s possible to notice that there is no personal self. The problem is that they say there must be a bigger universal self – we are all one big ‘Self’ (always capitalised)… when the actuality is that there are just *no* selves, it’s just the brain’s functions running.

It’s possible to experience – normally just for short moments – the absence of the personal ‘self’, but that unfortunately often leaves the emotions feeling all-encompassing and ‘agape’… so it makes them feel like everything is ‘Me’. But there are also experiences where the self goes and that’s it, there’s just the sensations and the universe. Altered states of consciousness can’t be relied on though, we must use our reason and evidence too. There is no ‘self’ and no ‘Self’, we are just biological machines.

The reasoning processes in our brain can notice that there is suffering happening to multiple consciousnesses. It doesn’t need to recognise a difference between ‘mine’ or ‘your’ suffering.

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